Book Review Award!


Book Review Award!

"Readers' Favorite" 5 Star review award sticker.

        For the second time this month, my book "Hitting the Road Without a Map" has received a 5 Star Review rating from Readers' Favorite, an on-line reader book review site.  This is something to be proud of, for it means my book and my writing is getting recognized.  

        So what does all this mean?  To be honest, I am not really sure, but this book - author - reader website will be promoting it for the next several months, at least.  That gives my promotional efforts a further reach to people and places I would have no idea how to be in contact with - so that is a good thing!

        But, enough from me!  The review is reprinted below (with minor editing for clarity, and emphasis for ease of reading in a blog format ).


Reviewed by Dr. Jordan Alexander for Readers' Favorite 

        Hitting the Road Without a Map, by Fred Rutter, is a great story for those hankering to get a sense of traveling the open road in an oversized RV. You will take in the sights and feel as if you are along for the ride.  The author describes the routes and fun facts about places that he and his companion see, and he shares his photos to help bring the story alive.  Readers will enjoy visiting natural wonders like Mount Rushmore,  Yellowstone National Park, and The Badlands, plus images of sunrises and sunsets in campgrounds. Also, context photos like the RV next to a gas pump, prove its bigger-than-Texas size. No wonder the co-drivers were tentatively taking it from Ohio to Oregon.  The drive through ‘Free Range’ country was my favorite, as the oversized RV shares the road with a few free-range critters.

        The tenuous thread holding the pair together added to the angst of driving the land yacht cross country. At the start of the ten-day trip, the mere casual acquaintances only had Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in common. AA teachings caution that ‘fear is the chief activator of all our character defects’ which naturally sends the wives of Fred and Todd into distress - will their husbands fall off a cliff and not return from this Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? 

        There are several laugh-out-loud moments, like on their first night, trying to sleep parked next to a refrigerated semi that hums loudly all night. The setting off without a map proves entertaining with zigzags added to the route west. Of course, no RV trip would be complete without the how-many-ways-not-to-cook a frozen pizza story. 

        Hitting the Road Without a Map, is dedicated to those recovering from addiction. The author gently encourages those wondering about sobriety to try it. The book does not preach about drinking, or not drinking, or AA, but it does share the author’s journey in his new sober life. This deeper story makes the reader's experience of the trip different and special. I’m not a smoker, nor an early riser, but waited in anticipation as the author performed his morning rituals and mindfully let each day unfold. 

        A pensive and spiritual man, Fred's writing style provides a sense that you are sitting with him on the back porch . . . listening to him tell you what happens next. This is a feel-good read with adventure, funny mishaps, and what it means to live connected to yourself and a Higher Power.



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